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We provide strategic + sustainability planning, as well as leadership development and organizational culture consulting.

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We offer three planning services, and two consulting services to support strategic planning:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Strategic + Sustainability Planning
  • Leadership Development Consulting
  • Organizational Culture Consulting


Strategic Planning

This is our core service. We work with organizations—for-profit, nonprofit, and public—to form strategic plans, and in the process, create a culture of real-time approach that reflects the fact that the business, social, and natural environments are in flux. An organization must be thinking and acting strategically in order to respond effectively to change.

As we work together, we ensure that any executable plans resulting from strategic planning must be attainable, sustainable, and strategic. Moreover, any goals set must be SMART ones, e.g., specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

We start with the simple question, “What business are you in?” Then we work to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of their competitive environment by looking at their customers, their competition, and emerging trends. This is intended to increase the client’s competitive literacy.

We then focus internally, looking at the client organization's strengths and capacity. We don't dwell on organizational weaknesses. Rather, we consider them only to the extent that they could be limiting the strategy. We synthesize this with the external scan to define the client organization’s competitive advantage.

In the end, we create a strategic plan for the next 1–2 years, ensuring that the organization's programmatic or marketing strategies are in alignment with its mission. Moreover, we validate that the operational strategies are in alignment with the programmatic or marketing strategies, so there’s alignment from top to bottom.


Sustainability Planning

This service focuses on helping organizations create sustainability plans. We us a simple definition of “sustainability” that focuses on the enduring nature of the organization from a “triple bottom line” perspective—economic, environmental, and social.

When considering sustainability, it can be overwhelming. So we take a practical, one-step-at-a-time approach looking for immedate, tangible results. We look for short term returns on investment (ROI) cycles, to gain momentum.

Specifically,we look at ways to improve sustainability and reduce costs from a comprehensive, whole-systems approach, e.g., energy and lighting audits, supply chain reviews, and waste stream management.


Strategic + Sustainability Planning

This is optimal, integrating sustainability with strategy. The reality of our situation is this—If an organization isn’t sustainable, then strategies don’t matter. When we work with clients to create a strategic plan that integrates sustainability, it’s the best of all worlds.

We take the two services listed above—strategic planning + sustainability planning—and merge them into one seamless plan. So rather than having disparate plans, maybe even conflicting plans, we help you create one that addresses both sustainability and strategic intent.


Leadership Development Consulting

We believe implementing sound strategic plans requires two additional components—strong leadership and a thriving organizational culture. We offer these two services in support of strategic planning.

Leadership development consulting can take the form of individual executive coaching and leadership team building. Our coaches are professionally certified, accredited by the International Coach Federation. Moreover, they’re former executives who've run companies and, in some cases, turned them around with innovative strategies.

Leadership team building involves helping teams get clear about roles, responsibilities, expectations, communication, and decision-making. It involves working with leadership to ensure teams are performing optimally, to get the results they want.


Organizational Culture Consulting

Like leadership development consulting, S|Y|N Associates offers organizational culture consulting to support strategic planning. For an organization to evolve and progress, it must have all three components of a good strategy, effective leadership, and a thriving organizational culture.

We use a proven organizational culture survey with a high correlation between culture and return on assets (ROA). Once we conduct the initial survey we establish a baseline, and then with our client-partners co-design cultural interventions confident in the knowledge that an improved culture will yield a higher ROA.



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