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S|Y|N Associates places your organizational environment at the center of our work. We approach planning from a holistic perspective.

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Whole-Systems Approach

We take a whole-systems approach. This means that we analyze and assess internal systems— financial, operational, organizational, information—and link them to external ones, upstream through supply chains and downstream to customers and to the customer’s customers.

Why take this approach? Because we recognize that everything is interconnected and interdependent. The fact is that we work in systems, systems upon interrelated systems. When we examine them closely, we’re able to spot leverage points—places of potentially significant impact. This is as true for sustainability planning as it is for strategic planning.

Without a whole-systems approach, there’s the potential we’ll miss an opportunity. This method also checks for strategic alignment—that operational strategies support production and service strategies, that in turn support the overall organizational strategy. A whole-systems approach ensures alignment throughout the organization.


S|Y|N Associates’ Founder & CEO

Stephen Y. Nose (pronounced “No-sé”) is the founder and CEO of S|Y|N Associates. For over 25 years, Mr. Nose has worked in a wide range of businesses and nonprofits—academia, biotechnology, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale distribution—in a variety of leadership roles. An experienced executive, he recently returned a nearly 100-year-old company to profitability during an economic downturn.

Recently, Mr. Nose refocused his consulting practice on strategic + sustainability planning, integrating his education as an ecologist. His a member of the Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, and a certified professional coach. Mr. Nose worked and lived in San Francisco, Tokyo, and London and now resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



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